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Coloured Tablecloths and Ginghams for hire for your wedding or catering event

Linen hire – 2nd March 2014

If you’ve spent months looking for the right venue and have finally found one that’s perfect, you’ll want to make sure that inside the reception area is just as fabulous as the outside. Most venues are set out to appeal to a wide range of different people and tastes and, as a result, they can often appear to be a bit on the bland side when it comes to colour. If the venue you’ve chosen is awash in varying degrees of beige, it’s time to spice it up with some coloured linen hire!

Coloured Linen Hire specialise in providing all the tools and equipment you’ll need to transform any venue into one, which suits your style and taste. This includes tablecloths in a range of sizes, shapes and colours including squares, rectangles, white, black and everything in between. If you need circular, oblong or square linen hire, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, gingham cloths, organza sashes or table runners, just take a look at the Coloured Linen Hire website by visiting Alternatively, if you would prefer to call to get some ideas, inspiration or advice, just call directly on 01948 860 597.

Hire Chair Covers Online – 2nd February 2014

If you’re organising an event, such as a wedding, milestone birthday, anniversary or corporate occasion, then you will need to ensure that your venue looks attractive and gives the right impression to guests. One area that can really let a venue down are the chairs if they are mismatched, cheap or old. In large venues there tends to be a requirement for a large number of chairs, which often means the quality leaves much to be desired. If you want your venue to have a clean, consistent look then your best option is to invest in chair covers and tablecloths.

Why hire chair covers online?

Chair covers are expensive to buy outright, particularly if you require a large number. If you are only organising a single event then buying chair covers doesn’t make sense. A much cheaper and easier option is to hire chair covers online.

Coloured Linen Hire

Coloured Linen Hire offer affordable, quality chair cover hire from as little as £2.95 per chair. Choose from black, white or ivory chair covers that are designed to easily slip over the chairs. If you want to know more about the chair cover hire offered by Coloured Linen Hire then take a look at their website –

Tablecloth Rental – 19th January 2014

There are all kinds of occasions where you might like to have a little bit more style and colour in the room, including things such as wedding receptions, birthday celebrations or any other big events. Tablecloths can have a huge impact on a room’s look, feel and atmosphere, but unfortunately they are all too often overlooked. A table cloth can transform a dull table into a sophisticated show-piece, so rather than leaving it to the last minute, you should make sure to begin your preparations with your tablecloth choice.

It doesn’t make much sense in buying a tablecloth if you’re only going to use it once, so rather than buying your own, you could choose to rent a tablecloth just for the occasion. Coloured Linen Hire have a huge range of styles, sizes and colours of tablecloths to choose from in several different materials, including Visa Linen and Signature Linen. From circular, oblong and square tablecloths to napkins, chair covers, gingham cloths and organza sashes, Coloured Linen Hire will be sure to have everything you need! You can find out more about Coloured Linen Hire and see all the tablecloth rental options by visiting the website at

Beautiful Wedding Tablecloth Hire – 5th January 2014

In the planning stages of a wedding, one item that is often overlooked and not given a great deal of consideration can rank amongst those which actually have the greatest impact on the day! The item in question is the tablecloth, and selecting the right one for your reception tables is key to making a tremendous impact on your guests. After all, yourself and your guests will likely spend quite a lot of time at the tables and so it’s best to make them look as good as possible!

When deciding on the colour and style of your tablecloth, one important thing to keep in mind is that you will want it to enhance the décor of the room, not overwhelm it. Choosing tablecloths which are too bold or vibrant can result in making it difficult to co-ordinate the other items in the room.

Matching overlays or table runners can make for a fantastic addition to your tablecloths and will make any reception table look much classier whilst also not adding much to the total cost. For more ideas and inspiration for your beautiful wedding tablecloth hire, or to order tablecloths for your special day just visit

Beautiful Chair Covers for Hire – 8th December 2013

To create a wedding venue with the wow-factor, you will definitely require beautiful chair covers. If carefully co-ordinated with the décor, chair covers have the ability to completely transform a venue. The last thing any bride or groom wants is for guests to walk into the venue and have their eyes instantly drawn to worn, mismatched or cheap chairs. No matter how old or unsightly a chair is, chair covers will transform them, whilst also offering a certain level of protection from staining and damage.

Chair covers come in a range of beautiful colours, but most couples opt for classic white. White compliments any colour scheme, and is not overbearing. For a hint of colour, tie an organza bow around each chair!

For chair covers for hire, Coloured Linen Hire should be your first choice. They have a wide range of beautiful chair covers in numerous colours, along with organza bows to finish off. If you would like know to more about the chair covers for hire at Coloured Linen Hire then visit their website at –

Linen Hire – 24th November 2013

If you’re planning a big event or party then the food, drinks and venue will be top of your ‘to-do-list’. However, it’s all too easy to forget the smaller details and finishing touches, such as linen hire. Hiring linen may be an arrangement that you leave until the last minute, but it’s important to remember that this detail will have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your event!

Without clean, attractive table and chair covers, a room can look messy and unfinished. By simply adding beautiful colour co-ordinated linen to the table and chairs, your venue will be completely transformed. Table and chair covers not only add elegance to a venue, they also offer a clever solution for covering unattractive or worn furniture. It hides a multitude of sins, whilst additionally protecting the furniture from stains and damage!

Coloured Linen Hire offer tablecloths and chair covers in a range of colours and patterns. If you’re hiring linen for a wedding, then Coloured Linen Hire can provide you with beautiful white or ivory chair covers, along with coloured organza sashes and tassels for that exquisite finishing touch! To learn more and to view their extensive range of linen, visit the website at

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